Plus de100 000 Guppys
variés disponibles !
Plus de30 000 Mollys
assortis disponibles !
Plus de90 000 Platys
disponibles !
Plus grandchoix d'invertébrés
d'eau douce disponible !
Invertebrés Maison Haegel Invertebrés Maison Haegel Invertebrés Maison Haegel

A family of passionate aquarists at your service since 1954!

Feuille d'eau Feuille d'eau


Mr. Alphonse Haegel begins selling
goldfish at his grocery store.

Respect, the source of our values.

This results in:

Satisfied customers

Your satisfaction is our primary objective. Providing you with quality products and services: this is a commitment of the entire company.

A solid team

This leads to the best solutions! Respect, sharing, fairness, responsiveness, and courtesy are essential to us.

Preserving the earth

GMOs and painted animals? Never with us! Preference for bred animals, use of recyclable insulated packaging, waste sorting, paper-free communication, and digital archiving? Always!

The pursuit of excellence

Self-improvement, ongoing innovation, and development of our knowledge and skills: we offer you our best in a constant search for perfection.

Clef Famille Haegel Équipe Haegel


Mr Haegel begins to focus and specialize
in the fish trade.

Haegel's activities

Aquarium suppliers and enthusiasts for more than 60 years.


Rigorously selecting species and assess the expectations of aquarists.
95% of our stocks come from breeders.


Adjusting the species in incremental stages, levels of exposure, and subtle combinations.
This doubles their longevity while harmonizing them with each other and their new aquatic environment.


Developing the aquatic wildlife while maintaining constant availability of the various species at all stages of their development in order to ensure timely and secure deliveries.


Such storage potential and number of lives under our care requires constant attention and strict health monitoring.

Feuille d'eau Feuille d'eau
Red King


Legal establishment of
Maison Haegel

Located south of Strasbourg, in the heart of the European market, we offer a wide selection of aquarium products to flexibly meet your needs in terms of quality and service.

We strive to act with honesty, fairness, integrity, and transparency in all of our undertakings with a sustainable and responsible approach with regard to the environment.

Haegel - 1974 Haegel - 1974
35 people at your service

The Maison Haegel team.

Our team of passionate aquarists carries out the monitoring, preparation, development, and follow-up of orders and deliveries with skill and meticulous care.

Maison Haegel also has a dedicated veterinary service at its disposal (trained staff and batches of fish monitored by Dr. Sandra Lechleiter).


Construction of a 2000 m2 greenhouse
housing exotic fish and plants

Our miraculous offer.

Importation, acclimation, and distribution of:
  • Freshwater exotic fish
  • Freshwater invertebrates
  • Stendker Discus
  • Cold water and pond fish
  • Salt water fish
  • Salt water invertebrates
  • Reptiles
  • Frozen food
4000 m2 total surface area
1000 m3 total water volume
Feuille d'eau Feuille d'eau
Poisson Clown Poisson Clown


Deployment of our new
communication method!

France Express

Overnight delivery

in partnership with France Express and UPS

Maison HAEGEL - Depuis 1954
Badge Offra
Our strengths.
  • Wholesaler of freshwater exotic fish and market leader.
  • Availability, consultation, and understanding.
  • Availability catalogue accessible 24 hours a day
  • Technical advice and service
  • OFI and OFFRA member
  • Next-day delivery of the order in France and Belgium with France Express and UPS
  • Delivery by the Haegel fleet in Alsace, Moselle, the Paris region, and Hauts-de-France

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